Reaching the EU’s energy ambitions in the face of ongoing challenges.

Meet the leaders. Shape Europe’s future.

PAST EVENT:  6 June 2023, Egmont Palace (Brussels)
COMING SOON:  European Defence & Security Conference

Meet the leaders. Shape Europe's future.

Every year, the EnerGreenDeal Conference is the platform where EU political leaders and European business leaders meet and discuss their common challenges and goals to build a more resilient and more autonomous energy sector.

The 3rd EnerGreenDeal Conference took place on 6 June 2023 at a crucial moment, as Europe faced a climate and geopolitical crisis, a volatile global market, and supply chain disruptions. It served as a pivotal platform to reiterate Europe’s commitment to the targets of the EU Green Deal and to facilitate a dialogue between industry and decision-makers. Over the course of five high-policy sessions, participants shaped future energy initiatives and addressed emerging, pressing challenges.

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EnerGreenDeal will be back in 2024. In the meantime, you can read more about our other conferences — like the European Security & Defence Conference, returning to Brussels in October 2023!

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Reaching the EU's energy ambitions in the face of ongoing challenges.

In the context of a geopolitical crisis, preserving the EU Green Deal and the clean energy targets while maintaining a strong industrial ecosystem is crucial. The EU’s ability to respond to emerging issues—like price volatility—and the capacity of European businesses to adapt, build up the conviction that solutions are in Europe and that Europe is the solution.

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